- The timetable can be found here.

- The party will begin on Friday at 18:00 and end on Sunday at 12:00


- If you're having trouble finding the partyplace, you can find a map here.
- In case you're traveling by train from Helsinki, you might want to get off at the Kupittaa station
- Unfortunately there are no showers at the partyplace...

1. What?

It's time again for a Dataparty in Finland, and even if we might be dead, the Dekadence Dataparty is most certainly not! All you need is a C64 and a pair of Datakalsong(tm), and you're ready to Data'n'Roll!

2. When?


3. Where?

The party will be held in Turku/Finland at "Sirkkalan kasarmin vanha sotilaskoti". If you don't know how to get there, just contact us and we will provide you with some sort of info and maybe even a map. 

4. Who?

All C64-sceners are ofcourse welcome. And even if you're not a C64-scener, you're still welcome! =)

5. How much?

The entrytickets will cost 10e, and if you bring an entry you'll get in for 5e.

6. Compos?

We will organize some compos, namely:

C64 Democompo:
- The demo will be run on a C64 with 1541-Ultimate
- If necessary, the demo can also be run from a 1541-II
- No additional hardware allowed (no REU)
- Please state required SID-version

C64 Musiccompo:
- Has to be submitted as an executable
- Please state required SID-version

C64 Gfx-compo:
- Has to be submitted as an executable
- No moving pictures

Wild democompo:
- Bring your own machine
- Composite or VGA output is preferred
- No remote entries

We'll try to have some nice prizes this year for every compo.
You're also allowed to email your entry if you can't make it to the party, but we're not going to give any prizes to remote-entries, the fame and glory should be enough ;)

6. Where do I sign?

If you wan't to come to the party, then sign up right on this page or by mailing us directly. The partyplace is not very big, so we can unfortunately only accomodate about 50 people or so. 
And please do sign up!

7. Any rules about the partyplace?

We have some simple rules:
- You pay for everything you break
- If you throw up anywhere except in the toilet you
  clean it up yourself immediately
- No smoking inside the partyplace (use the yard)
- Don't make a lot of noise outside, because we don't
  want to get any unnecessary attention
- You're allowed to have a BBQ on the frontyard if you
  bring proper equipment, but you're NOT allowed to
  make open fire ANYWHERE

8. Anything unclear?

Contact us! :)

9. Contact-info?

dataparty at dekadence64 dot org

tel: +358504869152

tel: +358407007928